"Gossip Girl" Reboot to Start Filming in October as Creator Reveals Major Changes from the Original

Photo credit: The CW
Photo credit: The CW

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Get ready to see some fall fashion, because the Gossip Girl reboot will start filming pretty soon!

Variety confirmed that the show will move forward with production and filming to begin in October after it was originally paused due to the coronavirus pandemic. While the series will be based in NYC, it has also been revealed that production will take place in Vancouver and Los Angeles as well.

Gossip Girl OG and reboot creator, Joshua Safran, did a late night Twitter Ask Me Anything where some lucky fans got their burning questions answered. When asked what the biggest change between the original and the new GG was, Joshua revealed that the show will totally sound different to fans when it premieres and will have way more technology involved.

"The tone is different. At first that scared me, but all of us really want this to be its own thing, so I've embraced it," he wrote.

"Gossip Girl definitely takes advantage of current technology. It was a challenge until it wasn't, if that makes any sense," he continued. "And then it becomes one of the fun parts!"

Part of the changes include more diversity in its cast from the original series. Joshua noted that the show is "very, very queer" and that there are various POC in the cast.

He also said that while the show is being labeled as a reboot, it really isn't in terms of what it's actually about.

"I really wanted this to feel like an extension and in no way a reboot. So it's an evolution of the story, not a retread," Joshua revealed on Twitter. "That said, there are echoes. Constance and St. Judes are still Constance and St. Judes, after all."

Of course, I couldn't help but join in on the fun and asked Joshua if any of the scripts ended up to changing due to the pandemic.

"Yes. We had to make a decision about whether Covid exists in our world or doesn't, and if it does, when - then, now, soon? That required changes," he revealed.

With filming starting soon, the show is currently on track for a 2021 release date, which Joshua revealed will be when the series will be taking place.

Based on everything that Joshua revealed in his AMA, it looks like this reboot will definitely be worth the wait.

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