Grab driver reportedly banned from app after alleged inappropriate behavior went viral on Twitter

Sometimes, it pays to let your voice be heard on social media.

On Saturday, Twitter user @rinanoconn shared how Grab Philippines reportedly banned a driver from the ride-hailing app after her tweet of the driver’s alleged inappropriate behavior went viral on Twitter.

Aside from initially driving past her friend’s home, the Grab driver also allegedly said inappropriate remarks to the female passenger.

“Apparently this wasn’t the first time he’s done this to someone,” @rinanoconn wrote in a recent tweet.

This comes after she shared a tweet on Thursday about her friend who supposedly had to beg her Grab driver to bring her home.

“BEWARE OF THIS GRAB DRIVER. MY FRIEND HAD TO BEG TO BE BROUGHT HOME WTH?? your drivers are so unprofessional,” she wrote, tagging Grab Philippines.

In a series of screenshots, @rinanoconn shared the conversation she had with her friend as well as the identity of the Grab driver involved.

The Grab driver’s face and name involved blurred for privacy. Photo: Screenshot via @rinanoconn Twitter account

Her friend told her in Filipino: “He almost didn’t bring me home. He said let’s just eat instead.”

The friend added that the driver told her: “We have a car, so where do you want to go? I’ll feed you good food.”

She also said that the driver drove past her house and even offered to pick her up the next day.

In a separate tweet, @rinanoconn told Grab Philippines that her friend was too scared to report the driver because he might come back for her at her house.

“Please do something about this for everyone’s safety,” the tweet reads.

Grab Philippines replied on the same day, saying that the company hoped the passenger was doing fine and that the concern about the driver “is nothing short of disappointing.”

They also encouraged the passenger to file a report about the incident.

@rinanoconn’s first tweet about the incident has received over 9,700 likes and 7,200 retweets as of this article’s posting.

Some netizens shared their own stories of similar incidents:

“Happened with me too. My driver said sexual things and asked me if I want to go to [a] motel with him. My normal 30 min ride took me 1 and [a] half hour,” wrote @rachcasimiro.

“This happened to me too, my driver said sexual things or rather was implicating that he should be the first one to do me. I already reported but [I] am still scared about taking grab alone again because of what happened. Pls take care of your passengers,” said @flxrencex.

“This is not the first time [this has happened]. @grabph You really have [sex] maniac drivers. [They’re already] so old but they think like animals,” added @kkeiitthh.

“I miss Uber,” said @bcbathala.

At the moment, Grab is virtually the only ride-hailing app available in the country after it acquired Uber in May this year.

One even shared a safety tip.

“Since you have a name, your friend can blotter it at a police station nearest her residence so they can set an alarm or [something] if he’s seen near the area,” @kadiholic wrote.

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