Grab giving free e-scooter tours around Intramuros, Manila’s historic walled city, until Dec

Khyne Palumar

Been to Intramuros lately? If you’ve only ever explored Manila’s historic walled city during mandatory school trips as a kid, then you’re probably doing it wrong. But you’re in luck because starting today until the end of the year, visitors can use e-scooters to explore the city — and they’re free.

Intramuros Administration has partnered with Grabwheels for this project, which would allow guests to use these two-wheeled modes of transport every day except Monday from 9am to 4pm.

But each vehicle can only accommodate up to two persons because hey, going beyond the limit would be unsafe for passengers. Just bring a valid ID to any of the Grab booths inside Intramuros to get a scooter. After you wear the designated helmet, you’ll be given two hours to scoot around the walled city.

On Facebook, commenters appear visibly game to try the two-wheeled rides. Kim Vargas Urbano, for instance, called out and tagged her friends, “Let’s explore Intramuros you guys.”

Photo: Intramuros Administratin/FB

Therese Moral thinks it’s also fair game when it comes to romantic dates, she commented, “Let’s try it on our next Intramuros date.”

Photo: Intramuros Administratin/FB

Or as it happens, as Merlo Quiambao pointed out, “On my birthday, huhu, during museum visit (sic)”

Photo: Intramuros Administratin/FB

While Ronell Kira Reyes cautioned, “To those willing to try, please wear helmet and if safety gears are provided like pads, do wear it.”

Photo: Intramuros Administratin/FB


Step back in to old Manila, folks. Buckle your helmets, and scoot!

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