Grade 11 student lands in hospital after being stabbed by ‘mentally deranged man’ in Medellin

A Grade 11 student who was back-riding on a motorcycle was stabbed by a man believed to be having a mental disorder around 9:10 p.m. on Friday, November 11, 2022, in Purok Acacia, Barangay Don Virgilio Gonzalez, Medellin town, northern Cebu.

A knife was still stuck on the back of Kenneth Jumao-as, 18, a grade 11 student of Cebu Roosevelt Memorial College in Bogo City when he was brought to the hospital.

Jumao-as, who hails from Proper Canhabagat, Medellin town, bore two stab wounds in the back.

The suspect, Kenth Robert S. Miral, is still at large as of this writing.

Police Staff Sergeant Jose Inso of Medellin Police Station said in an interview with SunStar Cebu that the victim and two others were playing Mobile Legends and were on their way home on a motorcycle when suddenly the suspect, who was standing on the roadside, chased them and stabbed the victim in the back.

The suspect reportedly continued chasing them until they got away from him.

The suspect tried to stab the victim the third time but he was not able to pull the knife from the victim’s back.

Ivan Rey Dimaymay, the driver of the motorcycle and relative of the victim, brought the victim to the Bogo-Medellin Medical Center for treatment.

Dimaymay and their 16-year-old classmate, who was sitting in the middle, were spared from harm. (BBT, TPT)