Grade 12 student shoots self

A 19-year-old Grade 12 student in Pardo, Cebu City died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head on Nov. 12, 2019. Roilo Capao, 19, was found by his father lifeless on the morning of Nov. 12.

Police Major Jhon Kareen, the chief of the Pardo Police Station, said they responded to a shooting alarm on the morning of Nov. 12.

Escober Capao, the father of the teen, said he got worried when his son didn’t go out of his room. Escober said that the night before, he had a talk with his son regarding his studies. He asked his son to take his studies seriously since he was already getting old.

The police also said there was a suicide note left but they did not give the details as to its content.

Tawag Paglaum Centro Bisaya, a 24/7 suicide prevention and crisis intervention hotline is accessible through numbers 0939-937-5433; 0939-936-5433 and 0927-654-1629. (BBT)