Green grading: Agriculture teacher gets students to take quiz on banana leaves

We live in an increasingly paperless world, so why not use banana leaves instead?

That is what one agriculture instructor at West Visayas State University practically suggested by asking his students to use banana leaves instead of the usual paper for a quiz.

“No paper? No problem,” teacher Niel Amaca wrote on Facebook, noting that in earlier eras, Filipino students would often use leaves instead of paper. “So if no one has brought any paper, then BRING YOUR OWN DAHON (leaf), a quiz with a twist.”

The class Amaca teaches is Post Harvest Handling and Seed Technology, a fitting subject for the green experiment.

Amaca said that his reason for asking his students to use banana leaves instead of paper was to encourage their resourcefulness.

This is not the only recent example of a university teacher in the Philippines shaking things up during an exam. In Bicol University, an engineering professor recently asked students to come in for their exams wearing silly anti-cheating hats, much to the Internet’s amusement.