Greens' Jordon Steele-John Becomes Australia's Youngest Senator

Australian Greens member Jordan Steele-John was announced as the country’s youngest senator on November 10, replacing Scott Ludlam, who resigned after it was revealed he held dual citizenship with New Zealand.

The 23-year-old Western Australian politician, who uses a wheelchair, also becomes the first person with a disability to serve in Senate. However, he had already faced difficulty navigating the hallways of parliament house, according to the ABC.

“I’m really looking forward to bringing the unique perspective that I have into the legislative process, whether that be around people with a disability in terms of the NDIS or indeed, in relation to young people,” Steele-John said, including house affordability and climate change in his list of priorities.

The senator-elect also clarified that even though he spoke with a British accent, he had renounced his UK citizenship in 2013. Credit: Richard di Natale via Storyful