Gretchen Barretto denies calling for Duterte ousting

Heidi Hsia
·1 min read

14 Jul – Gretchen Barretto has recently denied calling for the ousting of President Rodrigo Duterte following the latest issue surrounding the franchise renewal of ABS-CBN.

On 11 July, the actress took to Instagram to share a screenshot of a Twitter account using her name which called for fans and followers alike to keep the "OustDuterteNow" hashtag trending.

"This is a fake Twitter Account!" she wrote in all-caps, adding, "I do not have a Twitter account. I am pro Duterte."

She also shared another screenshot from the said account in which the user shared the photos of the 11 congressmen who voted NO to denying the renewal of ABS-CBN, saying that she has not made a single statement regarding Congress or the said network.

Soon after, the fake Twitter account changed its handle to "Not the Real Greta, Way Better", which indirectly questions Barretto's integrity. To that, the actress responded, "Dreams are free. If it helps you escape your reality, go."

(Photo Source: Gretchen Barretto Instagram)