We guarantee you'll want Molly-Mae Hague's new "lion" hairstyle

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Photo credit: Instagram/mollymaehague
Photo credit: Instagram/mollymaehague

Like most of you in the UK right now, my Mitchum deodorant is currently doing the absolute most.

Despite my best efforts to sit perfectly still in a darkened room, the mere act of my fingers typing these words is causing my forehead to drip.

So yeah, for the next few days/until this heatwave is over it's safe to say I am not going to be looking my best, however, as soon as that temperature drops under 22, I will be attempting Molly Mae Hague's new summer hairstyle.

I feel I can speak for us all when I say that the ultimate beachy waves are always out of reach.

Whether that's because your curls dropped after 5 minutes, or you couldn't quite get them kinky enough, or your liberal application of sea salt spray left you looking like a Persian cat in need of a good groom.

Turns out the supposedly "easy, effortless" hairstyle is pretty hard to achieve, not if you're Molly Mae though.

Our June cover star debuted a head of perfect beach waves on her Instagram on Sunday, naming the look "lion hair".

Don't worry though, this is more Olsen twin than Lion King.

Thankfully for us and our futile attempts at hairstyling, Molly Mae shared the exact tool she used to create her curls and it's only just a Cosmopolitan UK award-winning waver.

Yep, from her very own collaboration with Beauty Works, Molly Mae used her Waver Kit, which I, and the whole team at Cosmo also adore.

Now if you'll excuse me it's time for my hourly flannel down.

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