Guardo wants higher fees for street diggings

CONTRACTORS with projects in Cebu City will have to pay more for application fees if the ordinance regulating street diggings and installation of overhead and underground utility lines is amended.

City Councilor Jerry Guardo sought to increase the application fees from P200 to P1,500 as provided under Section 14 of City Ordinance 2135, which regulates street diggings, excavation, restoration and installation of overhead and underground main and secondary utility service lines and other related infrastructure activities within the city.

The proposed amendment was referred to the City Council’s committee on laws.

In the proposed amendment, a sum of P1,000 will be charged and paid to the Technical Infrastructure Committee (TIC) upon application of a permit to excavate or install overhead and underground utility lines for drainage tapping and construction.

Another P500 will be charged for the processing and evaluation of the application.

The fees collected will go to the Technical Infrastructure Trust Fund.

Guardo said the current application fee is too small considering that these projects cause inconvenience to the public.

He said the current fees were approved in 2007 yet and its value at present is relatively low considering the inflation rate.

Since these projects usually cause congestion on the road, Guardo also urged contractors to install traffic signs and early warning devices to warn the public that an excavation work is ongoing and to prevent accidents. (JJL)