Guinness adds Baguio City in world list

THE world’s biggest Ten Commandments tablet rose in this mountain resort.

Measuring 1,645 square feet (152.90 square meter), the structure, built at Dominican Hill - Baguio’s prayer mountain for free by the Kingdom of Jerusalem Halleluyah Foundation International, was certified by the Guinness Book of World Records as the biggest in the world.

It cost P5 million to build, said Mayor Mauricio Domogan, who in behalf of the 350,000 Baguio residents, received the certification from Guinness representative Vic Fabellana.

He also thanked Grace Galindez-Gupana, Ambassador of Peace and Goodwill for Israel to the World and president-founder of the Foundation, who bankrolled the endeavor.

“Let us use this and maximize this in His name,” Domogan said.

“We’ve built a place for spiritual rejuvenation,” Baguio Representative Bernardo Vergara said. “This beautiful and divine edifice will serve to drive away the evils of spirits that time and again emerges from disasters. May it [also] drive away [the] evils of illegal drugs, gambling, [and] prostitution.”

Vergara also hoped it will “bring unity, prosperity, progress and peace to the city and the people.”

Nigerian Embassy Representative Minister Okiko said “let his be a beacon of people-to-people contact between my people and you.”

Israel Ambassador to the Philippines Menashe Bar-on who also led a “tree planting” of an authentic Jerusalem-grown olive tree in front of the Ten Commandments building and tablet prayed in Hebrew that “the country and Baguio be healed and move forward.”

Baguio as New Jerusalem

Gupana, who on June 12 this year sprawled a more than three-hectare Philippine Flag at the Baguio Athletic Bowl - touted as the country’s “Biggest Flag” even sewn - said, “this is a high calling [from God]. This is God telling me to build this not for fame but for His name.”

The Nueva Vizcaya native owns businesses here and abroad and has in her name at least 12 World Records in the Guinness Book like “The Largest Flag in the World—Israel Flag”; “Largest Banner -777 Yahveh’s Banner”; “Largest Flag in the World—Jerusalem Flag”; longest drawing of “Idols Burned To Ashes”, among others.

“The Lord spoke to me and told me, ‘tell this leader I will build my sanctuary [here].’Hence this sanctuary on top of the Mt. Sinai in the Philippines,” Gupana said. Baguio is the Mt. Sinai of the World, she continued enthusiastically.

“Not only does this become a beacon of His name,” Gupana continued, “this is a global tourist spot. It is what we call heavenly, biblical and absolutely God Kingdom Come.”

Also on June 12, Gupana declared Baguio as the “New Jerusalem” because it is akin to the Holy Land not only because of its altitude, weather, but because “it is the chosen by God”.

She also anointed Domogan as “king” and the 14 city councilors as “princes and princesses”, a thing the officials did not take seriously.

Dominican Heritage Hill, which was formerly owned by the National Government, has since been turned-over to the city’s management and prayer groups have dedicated it as the “Prayer Mountain”.