Guinness World Record Holder for Hula Hooping Shows How She Practices Social Distancing

Las Vegas resident and Guinness World Record-holder for largest hula hoop spun, Getti Kehayova has a predictably extreme idea for social distancing.

The 42-year-old mother of two set the world record with a 17-foot hula hoop, and she used the giant loop once again for a video recorded on March 18.

Kehayova who runs fitness classes based around hula hooping, is joined in the video by her youngest son, 10-year-old-son Zander, who uses a far smaller hula hoop to practice social distancing of his own.

“As you can see in the video, I use this hula hoop in a comedic way to promote social distancing,” Kehayova told Storyful. “It is my way to spread some smiles in these difficult times.”

Kehayova now works at Cirque du Soleil as a rigging technician after growing up “in the circus traveling all over the world with my family of acrobats.”

She added, “Even though I retired from performing six years ago, entertaining is still in my blood and I love to spread positivity through social media.” Credit: Getti Kehayova via Storyful