Gullas wants bike lanes for Talisay

TALISAY City Mayor Gerald Anthony "Samsam" Gullas Jr. wants to put up bike lanes in the city.

In a statement posted on his official Facebook page, Gullas said he is proposing to put bike lanes in four routes in the city.

This includes putting bike lanes within the Barangay Pooc area, from Barangays Poblacion to Linao, from Barangay Linao to Bulacao via the national highway, and from Barangay Tabunok to the mountain barangays via the Talisay-Uling access road.

Gullas said they are considering those areas for bike lane placement because of the road size and its capability to accommodate both bikes and motorized vehicles.

As to putting bike lanes at the Cebu South Coastal Road, Gullas admitted he needs to coordinate with other agencies including the Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) and the local police to ensure if putting bike lanes there will be safe for bikers.

He is also seeking the assistance of biking groups in the city to help him in coming up with how they can put up those bike lanes with regards to the safety of both bikers and motorists.

"I have always believed the city government cannot do it alone, I will need the help of our Talisaynons in making this decision. Two heads are always better than one. I think with your inputs, I can make a better decision for the city," Gullas added./JKV