Gullas welcomes bemedalled karatedo athletes

TALISAY City Mayor Gerald Anthony "Samsam" Gullas welcomed the athletes who paid him a courtesy visit on Tuesday, November 14, 2022.

During their meeting, Gullas promised to support the children in the future competitions. He also complimented the children, including their parents, for giving honor to the city.

The athletes from Talisay City with ages ranging from four to 16 won medals in the different divisions of Regional Karatedo Tournament held on October 15 in Consolacion town, northern Cebu.

Coach Larry Avila said the event was participated by the different schools from the Central Visayas and other parts of the country, including Mindanao.

The competition was also the first to be held after two years since the Covid-19 pandemic, Avila added.

According to Avila, these young students came from the grassroots program initiated by Gullas that bore fruit because of the former’s love for sports.

Avila said karatedo is a great help for young people in order to stay away from drugs.

"Ang mga bata mas maayo nga busy sa sports mao na nga instead of maadto sila sa kaalautan, ilabi na usab nga kusog na karon ang e-games. Mao na nga mas maayo niini palang mahibawo na sila nga importante gyud nga ang pagpasingot," Avila said.

(Children should be better busy with sports instead of getting into trouble or getting addicted to e-games. It is better that at their young age they know already the benefits of sweating.)

He said that after their success in karatedo tourney in Consolacion, their next goal is to participate in the national and international competitions.

Avila invites the children who want to learn about karate to visit him at the gym in Barangay Cansojong.

Here is a list of winners of the karatedo tournament:

Niño Kime Avila, 15 years old, Gold - Advance ‘Kata’ Gold - “Kumite”; Shendi Avila, 11, Gold - Novice ‘Kata’; Edan Kyle Araneta, 13, Gold - Advance ‘Kata’, Gold - ‘Kumite’; Sheanah Gil J. Catubig, 16, Gold - New Face ’Kata’; Christine Vince De La Torre, 6, Gold - New Face “Kata”; James A. Mendoza, 11, Gold – New Face ‘Kata’; Carlianne Jino A. Canton, 9, Gold - New Face “Kata”; Lorenzo Luis Rivero, 16, Gold - New Face “Kata”; Niño Jay Cabanes, 14, Silver - New Face “Kata”;

Lyssa Faye Famat, 14, Daven Khylle Famat, 16, Gold - New Face “Kata”; Czar Andreae G. Traya, 4, Bronze - New Face “Kata”; Dan Valkyrie Martir, 9, Silver - New Face ‘Kata’; Abigail Blaire Juntilla, 6, Silver - New Face ‘Kata’; Gressa Dawn Metante, 14, Bronze - Novice ‘Kata’; Alexander Jan M. Abaa, 6, Bronze - New Face ‘Kata;

Clarke Nathan A. Caballero, 6, Silver - New Face ‘Kata’; Jerica Angel A. Caballero, 9, Bronze - New Face ‘Kata’; Hannah Chascent R. Beniga, 7, Bronze - New Face ‘Kata’; Jacob Andrei P. Albores, 10, Bronze - New Face; Shandel Rose Peligro, 13, Silver - New Face ‘Kata’; Amber Clovz E. Cuyag, 9, Gold - New Face ‘Kata’; Ziggz Nigel E. Cuyag, 7, Gold - New Face ‘Kata’; Azzyriah Rhys O. Sesante, 11, Silver - New Face ‘Kata’; Aziah Rhyes O. Sesante, 9, Bronze - New Face ‘Kata’; and Marceli Dinah Fae E. Parba, 9, Silver - New Face ‘Kata’. (BBT, TPT)