Gunfight breaks out between neighbors fighting over loud karaoke volume

Singing Frank Sinatra’s My Way off-key can get one killed in the Philippines, but sometimes all it takes is a karaoke playing at a loud volume for a gunfight to break out between Filipinos.

A man celebrating his birthday had one of his fingers shot when a gunfight broke out last night between him and his neighbor in Intramuros, Manila.

His neighbor was annoyed that they were playing the karaoke loudly because the neighbor’s wife was ill, Balitambayan reported.

According to television show Umagang Kay Ganda, birthday boy Greg Fuentes was having a drink and playing music with his friends when they were approached by his neighbor Jun Bandong who told them to lower the volume.

Says Fuentes’ sister Nene Ruiz in Filipino: “He (Bandong) suddenly approached and told them they’re annoying. They had a shouting match. I was surprised to then hear shots fired.”

Bandong told GMA News’ Unang Balita that his wife was sick and they just wanted Fuentes to lower the volume.

He said in Filipino: “It all stemmed from their karaoke [session], they were having a drink on the street. Now my wife was sick, I wanted to ask them to turn down the volume but they took it the wrong way.”

Bandong said it was Fuentes’ friend who started the gunfight.

“One of his friends helped. I ran to my garage, it turns out he had a gun. He ran after me and shot me.”

So Bandong shot back.

“What should I do? I took my gun and we had a gunfight,” he said.

According to Unang Balita, Fuentes is about to have an operation on his injured finger and Bandong might try to negotiate with the former’s family to avoid litigation.

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