Guns N’ Roses vs. Guns ‘N’ Rosé

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ROLLING Stone magazine reports that last year, rock band “Guns N’ Roses” (GNR) filed a trademark infringement case in California against a brewery which used the name “Guns ‘N’ Rosé” for its beer, T-shirts, stickers, and bandannas. GNR vocalist Axl Rose is often seen wearing bandannas.

Note that the differences between the two brands are: (1) the band’s N’ vs. the brewery’s ’N’; and (2) the band’s “Roses” (flowers) vs. the brewery’s “Rosé” (a type of wine).

The suit claimed that the brewery “should not be entitled to continue to sell infringing products and intentionally trade on GNR’s goodwill, prestige, and fame without GNR’s approval, license or consent.”

The brewery attempted to register its “Guns ‘N’ Rosé” trademark but GNR opposed it. The suit was eventually settled by the parties.