Guv wants to hear side of dead baby’s mother

GOV. Gwendolyn Garcia wants to meet with the parents of the three-week-old boy who died of pneumonia at the San Francisco District Hospital in Camotes Island.

Garcia on Monday, Jan. 6, 2020, said she has asked Provincial Health Officer Christina Giango to contact the baby’s parents to arrange a meeting.

“I want to see them too because even if we (Provincial Government) conduct our own investigation among those involved, doctors and other hospital personnel, I also want to hear their side,” she said.

According to the baby’s death certificate, he died of pneumonia around 3 a.m. Thursday, Jan. 2.

Camotes visit

Giango said the incident report also showed that the child died of pneumonia.

She said the first doctor who attended to the baby noted that the child had been coughing for three days before he was brought to the hospital. By then, the baby was having difficulty breathing and had a distended abdomen because his oxygen saturation was low, Giango said.

The governor will be in Camotes on Tuesday, Jan. 7, to extend cash incentives to barangay workers.

“If she (the mother) is there, I will find time to talk to her so that I could come up with my own evaluation of what really happened. I’ll also listen to her side,” Garcia said.

Garcia said she will also extend financial assistance to the child’s parents using her own money. (RTF)