Guys, Jennifer Lopez just went make-up free to drop her entire skincare routine

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Now let's start with some small print: this is not the first time Jennifer Lopez has whipped out her extensions and taken off her make-up for all to see. In fact, it's her favourite thing to do these days (when she's not busy wearing '90s space buns and ginormous shag hairdos for photoshoots).

As a skincare founder, she's not afraid to bare it all and embrace her natural beauty. For example, she talked her fans through her new skincare collection back in December last year, while wearing NOT A STITCH of make-up. She looked amazing, obvs, which made us feel even more distraught that Jlo Skin still hasn't arrived in the UK. Why though? WHY? (CC: Jenny from The Block).

Well, she's only gone and done it again, inviting us into her bathroom via the medium of Instagram to show us how she keeps her skin looking so goddam good.

She captioned the post: Hello Gorgeous! I’m breaking down my real AM routine for you so you know exactly how I get THAT glow (ps coffee and H2O are always a must) ✨ and we watched, transfixed, as she talked us through her entire morning skin ritual.

There's some more small print, guys: all of the products she mentioned are from her range, which yes, are not available in the UK at this current time. But that's not to say we can't learn some valuable lessons about which types of products we should be using and how, no?

She starts with her gel-cream cleanser, which she lathers up to remove dirt, oil and any excess make-up from the day before, saying, "It's important to set your face for the entire day."

After rinsing and patting her face dry with a towel, she applies her step-two serum, which she describes as a "glow in a bottle." Her third step is sunscreen, which she believes has helped to preserve her skin after wearing it from such a young age (take note, people).

Photo credit: INSTAGRAM/JLO
Photo credit: INSTAGRAM/JLO
Photo credit: INSTAGRAM/JLO
Photo credit: INSTAGRAM/JLO

She adds that she doesn't have a filter on the video, only natural light coming in from outside, and we think you'll agree, her skin looks incredible!

*Taps foot and waits patiently for Jlo Beauty to land in the UK*

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