Gwen refutes DOH 7 data

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CEBU Gov. Gwendolyn Garcia on Wednesday, Aug. 25, 2021, said there remained less than 5,000 active coronavirus disease 2019 (Covid-19) cases in the Province to contradict reports based on official Covid-19 statistics from the Department of Health (DOH 7).

As of Aug. 23, she said the Province has recorded a total of 29,197 cases, of which 78 percent or 22,799 have recovered, 1,624 had died and 4,774 were still active cases.

Garcia said their data have been validated.

Of the 4,774 active cases, she said 2,980 are undergoing home isolation, 682 are in isolation facilities and 1,112 are admitted in different hospitals.

Among those at home and in isolation facilities, 3,154 have developed symptoms and 508 are asymptomatic.

Of the 1,112 patients admitted, 449 have mild symptoms, 538 are moderately ill and 36 are severely ill. The rest, 89 patients, sought hospitalization initially for different reasons, but were found positive for coronavirus after a swab test.

Of the 1,624 deaths, Garcia said 398 were confirmed Covid-19 patients while 711 died of other illnesses but were found positive in a swab test. There were also 511 other deceased individuals with a pending diagnosis.

Based on the 398 confirmed Covid-19 deaths, Garcia said the case fatality rate in Cebu Province is around 1.4 percent.

As of Aug. 23, she said there were a total of 495 beds allotted for Covid-19 patients in four provincial hospitals and 12 district hospitals. Of this number, 242 were occupied and 253 were available.

Garcia was reacting to newspaper reports citing DOH 7 data, which showed that active Covid-19 cases in the Province increased to 6,044 on Aug. 22. (MVE)

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