'Hacktivist' claims hit on computer security firm

A supposed hacktivist seeking the release of a member of hacker group Lulz Security claimed Friday (Manila time) to deface the site of a computer security firm.

The hacker, "snc0pe," said Core Security Technologies was the first "victim" of a campaign to free LulzSec member "Topiary."

"This is the first victim of free topiary campaign http://www.coresecurity.com/," the hacker said in a tweet.

Also, "snc0pe" posted a URL of the defaced site before it was restored (http://t.co/lzlJAqxL).

Clicking on the URL would lead to a mirror image that featured a youth believed to be "Topiary."

"(You're) the first victim of free topiary Campaign," said a message on the mirror image of the defaced site.

Core Security's Twitter account indicated its site was "briefly unavailable" but maintained the situation was "all fixed."

In its website (www.coresecurity.com), Core Security claims to have high-profile clients that include Intel, Chevron, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration, and Boeing.

"Our site was briefly unavailable today. All fixed. Zero compromise. Situation at registrar led to traffic temporarily redirected elsewhere," it said. — TJD, GMA News

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