The Handmaid's Tale producer on *that* season 4 twist

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Photo credit: Hulu
Photo credit: Hulu

The Handmaid's Tale season 4 has been giving June one blow after another, and the show's producer just opened up about the biggest one of all.


Recent scenes saw Fred Waterford granted freedom in exchange for revealing secrets from Gilead, and the move caused June to lash out at US diplomat Mark Tuello for using her as a pawn.

Photo credit: Hulu
Photo credit: Hulu

Writer-producer Eric Tuchman has been speaking to EW about the twist, and what was going through the characters' heads at the time."Tuello has more up his sleeve than we've seen, and I'm not sure how many chess moves Mark has thought of in advance, but he's certainly exploited and stirred up the emotional dynamic between the Waterfords, and between them and June.

"I think he's been waiting and hoping for an opportunity to leverage Fred and flip him into an asset for the Americans, because Fred is such a valuable source of intel. So it's not like Mark isn't empathetic toward June and her trauma, and he's very respectful of her, but he does have the bigger picture in mind.

He continued, "And that bigger picture doesn't necessarily include justice for June and the women who were abused and exploited in Gilead."


Photo credit: Hulu
Photo credit: Hulu

The writer-producer then addressed Fred's decision, adding "It's only when he realises that Gilead has abandoned him, and instead poses a threat to his family, that he's willing to betray his comrades, and of course to secure his own freedom.

"So I do think Fred has stayed the course until this episode, and now we see him take the gloves off. He's ready to take everybody on, and I think he may have forgotten that June is out there, and it's never a good idea to underestimate her."

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