New hangout spot in Cebu opens

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ONE of the most rewarding experiences in life is being in a place where you can perfectly relax; where you can have a cup of the best tasting coffee in town while savoring a tasty plate with your favorite dish.

Precious Brew Café (PBC) is Cebu’s newest food destination and hangout place. It is the perfect working space for professionals and students and also works as a great venue for meetings. The café’s location at A.S. Fortuna street, Banilad is strategic for the brand’s target audience.

Unbeknownst to most customers who pass by the café, Precious Brew offers the best tasting coffee as well as delectable dishes that can tickle their taste buds in all the right ways. Some of the noteworthy dishes on the menu include beef salpicao, parmesan chicken wings, pesto pasta and carbonara among others. The mouthwatering cakes and pastries are exquisitely baked to spoil every palate.

As a way of gratitude and giving back to its customers, Precious Brew will be offering a 50 percent discount on food and drinks on Sept. 21, 2022 3 p.m. until closing time.

Precious Brew Café creates high-quality food and beverages that are affordable. With its friendly staff, dining at PBC will give valuable customers a relaxing and precious experience they will never forget.

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