Happy hour in a bottle: No shaking or stirring required

Cassandra C. Poculan
·3 min read

These days, it’s no longer just special occasions that call for a good cocktail as more people crave them alongside a casual meal. Sure, there is a time and place for wine, beer or a bubbly, but mixed drinks are more versatile, each with a unique flavor profile from the liquor, liqueurs and locally foraged fruits and herbs thrown in.

While anyone can pour rum and coke into a glass and call it a decent drink, it takes quality ingredients and professional crafting to create something delicate and delicious. Jigger & Gene takes this to heart and lives up to exacting standards for tipples that balance the strength of the liquor with sweet and acidic flavors.

Cleverly named, Jigger & Gene offers bottled handcrafted cocktails that range from the well-executed classics to the experimental—it even has its housemade infusions for some ingredients. The recipes were all developed by chief executive officer and founder Eugene Dy, who earned his stripes at the Marina Bay Sands in Singapore where he worked for six years as restaurant captain of Spago by Wolfgang Puck.

“What Jigger & Gene is trying to offer Cebuanos is the culmination of what I’ve learned through the years in Singapore—high standards in flavor, uncompromising quality, convenience and efficiency at a decent price,” Eugene said.

It’s not just those staying home who are reaping the benefits of Jigger & Gene’s handy libations.

A good number of places around the metro—from seductive speakeasies to relaxed neighborhood holes-in-the-wall—carry the products which allow them to save on time and cost as a bottle is good for

two servings. For bar and restaurant owners, these also eliminate worrying about the consistency of the drinks they serve as Jigger & Gene does all the work for them. They simply have to twist the cap open and serve the drink chilled or pour it over ice. For customers, the only issue would be picking only one drink off the menu. They’re refreshing yet potent, so you might end up devoting an entire night to trying all 10 flavors.

On the menu are vodka-, tequila-, cognac- and gin-based drinks that are either something everyone knows and loves or something new that will pique anyone’s interest. Despite their sweet taste and innocent colors, these pack no less than two ounces of booze and can sneak up on you.

The Gypsy’s Nip (gin, lychee, elderflower, grapefruit and lemon juice), Grey Gimlet (gin infused with Earl Grey, lavender, lemon juice) and the classic Amaretto Sour are proving to be instant favorites.

The Ember (jalapeno-infused tequila, grapefruit) and cold brew martini are definitely worth adding to your must-try list.

As Jigger & Gene is looking forward to being a household name and the top-of-mind choice in the industry, it’s also planning on setting up a physical shop sometime soon where customers can grab their products and go, or have them onsite with suggested food pairings.

For the rest of its menu and to order, one may check out Jigger & Gene on Facebook and Instagram (@jiggerandgene).