Harry Potter fans pay tribute to Alan Rickman on the 6th year anniversary of his death

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Photo credit: Mike Marsland - Getty Images
Photo credit: Mike Marsland - Getty Images

Yesterday marked the six year anniversary of Alan Rickman’s death, the legendary actor who played Severus Snape in the Harry Potter franchise. Fans were quick to pay tribute to the actor and flooded social media with heartfelt messages and stories about how influential he was and how he’ll always be remembered.

One Twitter user wrote: ‘No words can begin to describe how much we love and miss this man, how precious he is for us. It’s been 6 years but he’s still living with us, and will always be. We shall never forget the tremendous actor and exceptional human being Alan Rickman was.’

Another fan typed: ‘6 years ago today, we lost Alan Rickman, our perfect Severus Snape. Gone, but not forgotten. Raise your wands!’

Rickman died in 2016 after a battle with terminal cancer, age 69. He was admitted to hospital back in 2015 after suffering a minor stroke, which led to a diagnosis of pancreatic cancer. In the tributes, it was hard not to come across a comment that didn't mention his portrayal of Professor Snape, with countless Harry Potter fans revealing how iconic his role was.

One tweet declared how Rickman was the ‘perfect Severus Snape’. The post was accompanied by quotes from director David Yates, who praised the actor’s talents back in 2011 after the release of The Deathly Hallows: Part 2.

He said of Rickman: ‘There’s a way that Alan uses words and the space between words which make you hang on every breath and every pause. I think Alan is wonderful in the way he’s kind of made Snape who he is.’

As well as his legendary role in Harry Potter, Alan was also the star of many other movies. From his ‘don’t have an affair with your secretary, you’re married to Emma Thompson’ character in Love Actually to his role in Sense & Sensibility in which he starred again alongside the actress, Alan Rickman gained international acclaim for his talents.

And as fans stopped what they were doing to watch the Harry Potter: Return to Hogwarts reunion on New Year’s Day, there was one tear-jerking segment that stole the show, as lost cast members, including Alan, were remembered. Ralph Fiennes, who played Lord Voldemort recalled how he was intimidated by Alan’s ‘precision and expert delivery of lines’, and Daniel Radcliffe said: ‘There are people on these films that are foundational to who I am, as a person and an actor.’

RIP, Alan Rickman.

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