All the Healthy Goodness

If you’ve found an affordable healthy meal plan package that is certified nutritionist-dietitian approved with well-thought out meals conveniently delivered daily, wouldn’t you sign up right away and experience the difference on your well-being and the way you enjoy food? Such is the premise of Healthy Basket, the newest diet delivery service put up by friends Glynnis de Guzman, Mark Fong, and May Macam. “We are all about providing customized meals that use both calorie counting and lifestyle eating pattern assessment. Lose weight, live longer, and break free from lifestyle-acquired diseases while satisfying your epicurean taste with our well-balanced and personalized meal delivery,” says Macam. [caption id="attachment_257014" align="alignright" width="300"] Proprietors May Macam and Mark Fong with Philippine and USA registered dietitian-nutritionist Cheshire Que (Images by Noel Pabalate)[/caption] To ensure that their clients are getting what Healthy Basket has promised, the proponents partnered with Cheshire Que, a Philippine and USA. registered dietitian-nutritionist. “We work with our clients one-on-one with close monitoring of their progress to ensure consistency and take into account the importance of taste preferences, nutrients, and lifestyle,” she adds. Healthy Basket prides itself with the services it provide such as weight management plan, healthy diet (e.g. low cholesterol and saturated fat, low glycemic and sugar, and high fiber); and meals that are infused with natural herbs and spices to add zest and flavor. As of this writing, Healthy Basket’s health management programs are divided into five: Lenten Special, Sugar Safe, Happy Heart, Healthy Preggy, and Sports Nutrition. “It is our goal to cook personalized food that’s bursting with nutrients without compromising the taste and quality. Your health is our top priority and your convenience is our business. Our vision is to spread awareness on well-balanced and personalized meals, one healthy basket at a time,” Macam ends.


Lenten Special

Observe the Lenten Season guilt-free with Healthy Basket's light and nutritious meals. Start your day with Cranberry and Cinnamon Oatmeal and Banana (not in photo) followed with Grapes for your morning snack. At lunch, have a fish curry with pita bread, trail mix in the afternoon, and Greek cucumber salad and potato soup at dinner.


Summer Ready

Preparing for that much awaited trip to the beach to don that sexy bikini? Here are the fresh, high fiber, and antioxidant-rich meals to make sure you'll fit in it. Have a breakfast of whole wheat cheese pesto quesadilla, snack on vegetable sticks with mint yogurt Dip in the morning, have tropical rice pilaf at lunch, a fruit melange snack in the afternoon, and a tuna veggie salad at dinner.


Sugar Safe

Having trouble controlling your blood sugar levels? Try these low glycemic, high fiber dishes. Fire up your morning with tropical rice pilaf and egg white Spanish omellete. Snack on Granny Smith apple and yogurt in the morning. Satisfy your cravings at lunchtime with chicken roulade, black rice, and sauteed mixed vegetables. Have a vegetable wrap in the afternoon. Cap your evening with seasoned grilled tofu salad, baked sweet potato, and clear cabbage soup.


Happy Heart

Customized for patients with high blood pressure and heart condition, the program is made up of low in saturated fat, low cholesterol, low sodium, and high fiber dishes. Have a pineapple tuna sandwich in the morning with banana parfait (not in photo) for a.m. snack, sinigang na salmon with red rice for lunch and oatmeal cookies for your afternoon snack. For dinner, feast on grape garden salad with avocado dressing and penne pasta with garlic and olive oil.


Healthy Preggy

To ensure optimum nutrition for moms-to-be, prevent and manage pre-eclampsia and gestational diabetes, here are balanced and nutrient-rich meals that also support fetal growth. Recommended breakfast is made up of ginger tea with lemon and honey, whole wheat cheese sandwich, and baked vegetable frittata with oatmeal cookies for morning snack. At lunch, have a grilled tuna with lemon sauce, red rice, and steamed mixed vegetables while you can have navel orange and yogurt (not in photo) for afternoon snacks. As for dinner, help yourself to baked chicken with apple sauce, low fat coleslaw, and corn. / 63 917 7799882