Heart Evangelista’s ‘snippets of life’ goes viral

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Heart Evangelista, who recently revealed that she's going through some
Heart Evangelista, who recently revealed that she's going through some "personal struggles," shared on her Instagram account her "snippets of life," a series of video clips of her adventures this year so far. (Photos: Heart Evangelista/Instagram)

Kapuso actress Heart Evangelista shared a video she captioned on her Instagram account as her “snippets of life,” which caught netizens' attention after admitting that she’s been going through some “personal struggles.”

The post included a montage of videos from her different adventures this year so far, giving her fans a glimpse of her other side, as well as some of her candid moments.

“[A]lways grateful for all the amazing adventures,” she also said in the caption.

Her fans only have kind words for her, with some saying that they’re rooting for her, and they’re behind her back no matter what.

“You are loved. Here for you always!” one netizen said, adding a heart emoji.

There have been speculations about her marriage with Senator Chiz Escudero being on the rocks after she changed her name on Instagram and dropped the “Escudero” surname last month.

However, neither she nor Sen. Chiz has issued a statement or any clarification regarding the issue yet.

In a vlog posted on her YouTube account on September 2, Evangelista shared, without specifically pointing out what those are, some details on her personal life, and how she is coping with whatever struggle she’s facing.

“I’ve always been such a happy person and I’ve always been somebody who just goes against the tides and just let the waves crash on me,” she said.

“I’m not going to lie. I’ve been going through a lot of personal stuff in my mind. But you know, at the end of the day, I’m still very grateful and as long as there’s life, there’s hope,” the Kapuso actress added.

She said that she is currently on a quest of “just being happy,” amidst all the personal struggles and pressures in her life.

“I’m not going to deny, I’ve been going through some personal struggles like I feel a lot of pressure in my life, and basically now, I’m really in a search of just being happy,” Evangelista said.

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