Kindness, hope emerge from Yolanda tragedy

Yahoo Southeast Asia Newsroom

Acts of kindness caught on cam in the wake of monster storm “Yolanda” seem to break the monotony of devastating images from areas heavily hit by the typhoon.

People from the devastated areas themselves have offered help to survivors struggling to get by. Heroes have also emerged amid the rubble, giving hope to those who despair.

Yahoo Southeast Asia compiles some of the most heartwarming photos we have so far seen after Yolanda hit the country, as we continue to #PrayForThePhilippines:

A military officer carries a baby into a truck with her family after they arrived at the Villamor Air Base in Manila from the disaster zone.

The military was quick to respond to the disaster, arriving in worst-hit areas as early as Saturday to help maintain order as residents struggled through the aftermath.

Help came rushing to the Visayas soon after monster storm Yolanda. Taiwanese military personnel, for instance, carried truckloads of relief goods when they arrived.

The storm may have killed thousands and torn down homes, but those who survived tried to stay together, even as they seek food, water and shelter.

The bayanihan spirit shone through after the typhoon, with survivors of the devastation helping their neighbors as they found their way out of the region.

Elderly survivors’ will to live through the calamity also provided a glimmer of hope for both victims and the rest of the nation whose eyes are all on Yolanda-hit areas.

Though desperate for food and other supplies, some survivors in Tacloban City observed order amid chaos and chose to fall in line for relief goods.

Elsewhere in the world, prayers have been offered for victims of typhoon Yolanda which is said to be among the strongest in the history of the planet.

Campaigners from other countries also took up Filipinos’ call during the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change in Poland. Some even joined Philippine Climate Change Commissioner Naderev Sano in fasting to call for more urgent climate change policies.

In other parts of the globe, concern for Filipinos is translated into monetary donations for Yolanda victims. This woman is dropping money into a donations box in San Francisco.