Heartwarming moment elderly man surprises wife on Valentine's Day

This is the heartwarming moment an 84-year-old man in the Philippines surprised his wife for Valentine's Day.

The elderly couple from Laguna province have been married for 63 years and they have five children.

But despite the advancing years, romance is still flourishing for them.

On Valentine's Day, Andy Sangre, 84, went straight home after his dialysis to give his wife, Bebs, 83, a small heart-shaped cuddly toy.

The sweet gesture moved wife Bebs to tears, and Andy was also not able to contain his emotion after his wife said "I love you" and gave him a kiss.

The couple's youngest son, Ferdinand Sangre, said that his parents have always celebrated Valentine's Day.

He said: "They always give small gifts on Valentine's Day every year. We grew up seeing them kind and loving to each other.

''They have never taken each other for granted and always made the effort to show each other they are loved.''