Heidi Klum: My body has to be top

Heidi Klum

Heidi Klum has never needed a "summer-season blitz" to get her body swimsuit ready.

The German beauty has been a regular fixture in fashion since the early 90s, and has also carved out a successful presenting career too.

While Heidi appreciates most women like to tone up in time for summer, she admits that's not the method for her. Instead her body needs to be in good shape constantly.

"I always have to be ready to take off my clothes and look great. People who are not in my industry probably don't worry as much about how they look because they don't have to take their clothes off for lingerie shoots all the time. I've never had that summer-season blitz where you're getting ready to look good in your swimsuit: as a model you have to look good all year round," Heidi explained to You magazine.

"If you're not fit and you're not 100 per cent someone else is going to get the job. There are so many beautiful girls to choose from, so if you want to be top, your body has to look top."

As well as being a regular runway star for lingerie giants Victoria's Secret up until 2010, Heidi has also graced the front covers of countless fashion magazines, including Vogue and Elle.

Her flawless complexion and toned body means she looks much younger than her 41 years, but the blonde star confesses she has recently seen some signs of aging.

"The only thing that has really changed for me since turning 40 is my eyesight," she laughed.

"I love what I do, and I have plenty of energy. I'm always eager to learn and do better, and I still feel like I'm 30."

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