Hello From The Dark Side: Adele Reckons She’s A ‘Witch’ With Supernatural Luck

She has a cackle to match her latest claim.

Adele has declared she is a “hippy witch” who possesses special powers.

And she says she has healing crystals she received as a gift in America for her transformation.


Speaking during a performance in Manchester, Adele told the audience: “When I played a show in New York, which was my first show of the album, a hippy gave me some crystals.

“Then I had a great show so I was like, ‘It’s something to do with these crystals. I’m keeping them’.

“I kept them for my LA show, for my BBC show … I had them all.

“Then I had reflexology and someone was shining lights on my feet and I was like, ‘This is awkward’. But when I left I was skipping down the street like I was walking on air.

“So I’m becoming a hippy, I’m going to become a witch.”


Adele, 27, looking the part as a hippy witch above at last year’s Glastonbury festival, added the proof of the crystals lies in the fact she left them home when she suffered disastrous technical issues during her Grammy performance in February.

She said: “The one time I didn’t have them was the f****** Grammys – spooky s***. I believe in these crystals.”

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