Hello, Leo: Time to celebrate their majesties

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It’s a day before the world celebrates the Leo season which runs until Aug. 22 and it cannot be more exciting.

Admittedly, not everyone might be keen to celebrate the season because Leos are supposed to be the vainest or even narcissistic sign of the zodiacs.

It may be true for some but it could also be because they’re July Leos who are ruled by the sun, meaning Leos born between the 23rd and the 31st are naturally the center of attention.

Their August counterparts born between the 1st to the 22nd are ruled by either Jupiter or Mars and their opinionated nature tends to make them come off as bossy to others around them.

Of the two, July Leos also tend to be the more creative one and have less trouble expressing themselves while August Leos are the natural-born leaders who inspire others to take that leap.

Regardless of whether they’re a July or August Leo, both share one characteristic and it’s the ability to relish in attention rather than shy away from it.

Here are eight reasons why you should celebrate the bold, proud and majestic Leos of your life, whether they’re your family or friends.

They’re some of the friendliest and social people you’ll/you’ve known

It’s no secret that a Leo loves attention, which is why making friends isn’t as difficult for most, if not all, Leos.

Their social nature makes them great conversationalists and they love to build connections with others.

They’re most likely not to avoid gatherings as they love meeting new people and maybe flaunt themselves a little.

Social gatherings also act as an excuse for Leos to go meet equally or more interesting people as them.

Leos are loyal partners and friends (associates)

The lion symbolizes loyalty and it being the symbol of the Leo, loyalty is attributed to the people born under this sign. Leos are one of the most loyal signs and will defend you from all sorts of defamation or harm.

This loyalty can be beneficial for people who seek to build a relationship with a Leo but can be detrimental to the Leo. A Leo’s confidence easily crumbles when they’re loyalty is betrayed and that is why one should think twice before betraying a Leo (or any sign for that matter).

Creativity is just second nature and comes naturally to them

Of July and August Leos, July Leos are the most creative, but that is not to say that August Leos don’t have that creative spark. Although one outweighs the other, Leos certainly know how to put themselves together and aren’t afraid to express themselves. Their creativity enables them to whip up something regardless of what you give them.

Leadership is also another aspect that comes naturally

In the wild, the lion is often dubbed as “the king of the jungle” because of their ability to dominate their territory, this behavior is also exhibited in the Leo.

Creativity, sociability, and loyalty are all great traits that leaders possess. Couple this with determination, and the outcome is a Leo. The self-confident and determined Leo makes for an ideal leader simply because they live life to the fullest and push others to succeed.

They rise above fear

A Leo is a natural-born leader and being “king of the jungle,” exhibits kingly attitudes such as bravery. Fear will not stop a Leo from doing what s/he sets their mind to and is more likely to have the opposite effect on them. Also, when a Leo deems you as untrustworthy, they will not hesitate to drop you out of their life forever.

Independence is everything

A Leo’s ability to easily drop people out of their lives is due in part to their independent nature. This independence makes the Leo almost set in their values but that doesn’t mean they’re closed off to the idea of change. It can also be the Leos downfall as the idea of asking for help can be humiliating in a Leo’s mind.

So remember, they don’t need a partner but when they decide to love you, it’s in your best interest not to make them regret that decision.

Romance is not just an option, it’s a necessity

Their loyalty extends beyond just their friends and family and is heightened when it comes to their significant others. Their passion plus their loving nature makes them ideal partners. Plus, the Leo is both a giving and receiving partner, and will make you feel wanted, if you catch the drift.

They have a golden heart

All in all, a Leo is just an all-around great character and people born under this sign most likely possess qualities that make for a great friendship or life partner. Leos would also bend over backwards for the happiness and comfort of those the Leo cares for.

So with all these in mind, why wouldn’t you wanna celebrate the Leo?

Their opinionated nature should not be mistaken for “narcissism” any more than their attention to detail be mistaken for “vanity.”

The fire within a Leo is often misunderstood so celebrate the Leo in your life because they’re more than just their good looks.

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