Hello World: Koala Joey Emerges From Mum's Pouch for First Time

A koala joey popped its head out of its mother’s pouch for the first time to say hello to the world at Maru Koala and Animal Park in Grantville, Victoria.

A zookeeper captured the rare moment when the baby slowly emerged from mum Tilly’s pouch.

General Manager of the park Neroli Heffer told Storyful the koala joey was about five or six months old.

“Joeys are born at about one-month-old at a very immature stage of development and then move into their mother’s pouch and attach firmly to a milk teat to finish their development. So at this first stage of emergence from the pouch, the joey is about 5-6 months old,” she said. Credit: Maru Koala and Animal Park via Storyful