What helmet-less senatoriable on motorcycle tells us

·1 min read

[Posted publicly April 18, 2022 by, among others, Bara de Kabra. Didn’t cite source of photos.]

Images of a candidate (Jinggoy Estrada) for senator back-riding on a motorcycle who didn’t wear a helmet convey two things:

(1) he’s with the “masa” as he seemed not to mind if his ride wasn’t “pang-senador”; (2) the lawmaker must think he’s exempted from the law or doesn’t care to break it sometimes, as some ordinary people sometimes do. It’s not like the P183 million charge of plunder over pork barrel fraud that can scare him.

Republic Act 10054 of 2009 is specific that all motorcycle riders shall wear protective helmets and exempted are only the tricycle drivers. He wasn’t arrested and if he was, probably he’d plead that it was matter of life and death: a big rally at the South Road Properties couldn’t wait for him. -- Pachico A. Seares

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