Hennessy unveils limited-edition bottle designed by acclaimed contemporary artist

Ellie Conley

Hennessy's latest limited edition bottle is strikingly bold and modern, thanks to Felipe Pantone. The acclaimed Argentine-Spanish contemporary artist is the latest to collaborate with the Conganc brand, who has a longstanding reputation for supporting artists and celebrating urban culture.

For this year's Hennessy V.S. (Very Special) Limited Edition bottle, Pantone used his signature black and white grid pattern with bold, 3D illusions to, in his words, "remix the present." As an artist whose work is informed by the past, he spent a lot of the time with the brand in Paris learning its rich history.

"We've actually been working [on it] for over a year now, going back and forth from Cognac in Paris," Pantone said of the process. It was important for him to first "understand the label's history, how they make the product, seeing all the archives in terms of labels, posters, older designs, and we went from there."

"There are many elements—like Hennessy V.S. used to be called Hennessy 3 Star back in the day—so I incorporated three stars, which is an element used very much in graffiti, same as the arrows," he added.

For the past nine years, Hennessy has invited internationally acclaimed artists to design its V.S. edition bottle, including Vhils, KAWS, Futura, JonOne, Ryan McGinness, Shepard Fairey, OSGEMEOS. Pantone called the collaboration a dream come true. 

"I've been following this collaboration for my entire life," Pantone said. "I'm the ninth artist and the other eight are like my idols from when I was younger."

The Hennessy V.S Limited Edition bottle by Pantone will be available for purchase at fine retailers nationwide starting this month, retailing for about $32. 

In addition to the bottle design, Pantone also partnered with rapper and Hennessy brand ambassador A$AP Ferg to create a new cocktail called The Dimensional and launch the Felipe Pantone x A$AP Ferg REMIXED Cocktail Kit.

The kit includes the new bottle and all the ingredients to make The Dimensional at home. The drink mixes Hennessy with hibiscus tea, ginger liqueur, ginger bitters, lemon juice and pomegranate grenadine, and is topped with more candied ginger. The kit will be sold exclusively at CocktailCourier.com for $119 starting August 1.