Herd of Bison Cause Traffic Jam Crossing Yellowstone Bridge

Motorists traveling through Yellowstone National Park were halted in their tracks on October 9 as a herd of bison took over a road, before crossing a bridge.

Footage shot by Montana native Cindy Shaffer, shows the “bison jam” that stopped drivers in their tracks.

Narrating the footage, which she posted on her Facebook page, Shaffer said, “No matter how many times I come in here to see the bison doing different stuff, you just never get enough of the bison — they’re an American icon.”

At one point during the footage, Shaffer notes the sound of hooves as more bison make their way from behind her car to join in with the rest of the group.

Shaffer regularly posts footage from visits to Yellowstone National Park and the nearby Grand Tetons National Park. Credit: Cindy Shaffer via Storyful

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