Here's what Matt LeBlanc thinks of the Irish dad memes

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Photo credit: HBO
Photo credit: HBO

A lot came out of the Friends reunion. From David Schwimmer and Jennifer Aniston admitting they had feelings for each other at the time to basically a Twitter movement over fans' love of Paul Rudd (who can blame them). But perhaps the greatest part about the much-anticipated reunion show was the Matt LeBlanc Irish dad meme, which took Twitter by storm after the show aired. Well, it turns out Matt himself has seen the memes, and he thinks they're funny too. Big result.

After the reunion show one particular image of Matt LeBlanc sitting, arms folded in a striped t-shirt started doing the rounds on Twitter, as it became fans' favourite meme. One particular genre of meme that took off was around LeBlanc giving off serious 'Irish dad' vibes, and it turns out LeBlanc agrees the memes are pretty funny.

LeBlanc's friend and former Episodes costar Stephen Mangan told RTÉ that LeBlanc has indeed seen the memes about him and had exactly the reaction you'd expect.

"I'm not sure Matt really understands what was happening," Mangan said. "Obviously, he is Italian, but he saw the funny side of it. He's got a good sense of humour."

Whether LeBlanc knows what's going on or not, he's just cemented his title as our favourite Friends character without even meaning to. Very well done.

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