Hero couple on motorbike save kitten inches from being crushed by car wheel in Manila

This is the heartwarming moment a Filipino couple on a motorbike rescued a kitten that was inches away from being crushed by a car.

Husband and wife Genesis and Cris Dumlao were riding through busy traffic when they spotted the frail kitten along in Manila, the Philippines on the morning of September 5.

The stray kitten, which had wandered from an abandoned building where it was born, was desperately trying to dodge the oncoming cars.

Drivers on the motorway were unable to spot the tiny feline, but the couple noticed it easily because they were on a motorcycle.

Nail-biting footage shows how the couple pulled up alongside a car - frantically signalling for it to stop as it pulled forward towards the animal.

Wife Cris, who was riding pillion, reached down and picked up the kitten to take to safety with just moments to spare before it would have been ran over.

The couple took the kitten to the nearest petrol station where staff cared for it until they had chance to return.

"We came back after three days and thankfully she was still there. I'm grateful to the gasoline boys who took care of her for three days," said Genesis.

The kitten, named Edsa after the Epifanio Delos Santos Avenue where she was found, is now living with the couple and their son Thirdy.

Genesis added: ''It was a very, very lucky we saved him. If I hadn't signalled for the car to stop, it would have run over the cat. He's safe now and we will raise him as part of our family.''