Hey, Here’s How to Cast a Real-Life Love Spell

Kerry Ward
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From Cosmopolitan

Just because you’re on lockdown doesn't mean that your love life has to be. Cupid is still open for business, and plenty of us are open to finding true love (or at least some fun Zoom dates). Simple love spells let the Universe know that your ~green light~ is definitely ON.

Hear us out: Love spells aren’t about tricking someone into falling for you. They’re more like asking the Universe to bring you something (well, someone) that you’re really happy to receive (and who’ll be happy to see you, too). A spell is a basically just a special way to ask for what you want. It consists of three steps: creating an intention, invoking it through a ritual, and putting that intention into action (like opening up those dating apps or texting your crush).

Fridays are the best day to conduct love spells, because it's ruled by Venus, the goddess of love. If you’re going to get really specific about timing, then the a waxing or crescent Moon is also a good window of opportunity—the lunar energy at this time is positive, creative, and all about attracting newness into your life.

I don’t know what you’ve got in your kitchen cupboard right now, so here are two simple love spells—hopefully you have some of the ingredients for at least one of them. Or hey, both of them. Why not?

Ribbon Spell

You’ll need:

  • Salt and pepper shakers (or any two objects that make an obvious pair, like a set of bookends or your favorite shoes).
  • Pink or red ribbon.


Ideally, this spell should be conducted on a New Moon. Pick one object to represent you, and one to represent your dream lover. Take the ribbon and tie them together, leaving a good length in between.

Every morning, untie the ribbon, move the objects a bit closer together, and then retie the knots. Do this until they’re touching. Then, leave them tied together for another seven days. By this time, you should have met bae.

Rose Spell

You’ll need:

  • Rose petals.
  • A source of moving water. (If you’ve conveniently got a stream, river, or ocean in your backyard, go for it—but if not, your bathtub or a sink will do.)


First, visualize a person who has all the qualities of your ideal lover. Not Timothée Chalamet himself, but someone with similarly floppy hair, eccentric ‘fits, French skills… you get the picture. Collect the rose petals together and throw them into the moving water as you say, “As this rose moves out to sea, so true love will come to me.”

Repeat this twice, still visualizing your dream lover. BTW: Make sure you throw the petals so that the water's bringing towards you, not away from you. This symbolizes a new boo coming to you. Then, open those apps and get swiping! The Universe is listening.

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