Hikers at Zion National Park Almost Swept Away by Raging River

Hikers climbed to safety after almost being swept down a river in the Zion National Park on July 23, as the National Weather Service issued a flash flood watch for the park.

Makayla Lamb-Ramirez filmed dramatic footage that shows walkers staggering in the Virgin River at the Narrows section of the park. A man can be seen rushing to try and help a woman but falls with her. Another person also tumbles into the water and can be seen struggling.

Other hikers can be heard shouting “run to the rocks”, before all three individuals manage to wade through the water to safety.

Lamb-Ramirez told Storyful that she went hiking with her boyfriend and two cousins that day. Later on that afternoon, she said they stopped hiking and turned back after seeing clouds and hearing thunder. She said she filmed this video just after they made it back to a safe place.

“It definitely gave me perspective on how dangerous hiking could be and that at any moment everything could go wrong,” Lamb-Ramirez said. Credit: Makayla Lamb-Ramirez via Storyful

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