Hit the streets at Ulli's

Jenara Regis-Newman

LAGUNA Group’s Ulli’s Streets of Asia is back. It is on the ground floor of The Alcoves, Ayala Center Cebu. Ulli’s still serves its crowd favorites—bibimbap, laksa and Angus yaki—in a setting meant to be “Instagrammable” with wooden furniture, street lamps and a floor-to-ceiling mural of a picturesque street.

“We want diners to have a full-on street dining experience where they can casually catch up with friends and enjoy great food,” explained Laguna Group matriarch Julita Urbina.

“Our offerings are inspired by our fondness for smack dab, no fuss food usually enjoyed on Asian streets,” shared Raki Urbina, Laguna Group’s corporate chef. Ulli’s has katsu sando and Angus yaki from Japan; laksa, char kway teow from Singapore; run bing and big F chicken from Taiwan; bibimbap and daeback chicken from Korea; and from the Philippines, barbecue and taho.

The new Ulli’s opened in December 2019 in time for the holiday season. Aside from the old crowd favorites, more new favorites have emerged. These are lobster balls in red curry and fish balls in red curry; char kway keow (rice noodles with shrimps, Chinese sausage and fish balls); and hawker rib rice (with pork rib, mushrooms, Chinese sausage and rice), to name a few. To top all these tasty offerings, cool down with its Vietnamese iced coffee with sweet milk and coffee jelly.

With all the inconveniences which has surrounded travel these days, there’s no place like Ulli’s Streets of Asia to get one’s fill of the flavors from the Asian destinations one would have visited. Enjoy food, shared Chef Raki, that is “simple, affordable, quality street fare that transcends generations.”