Holy week vacation's good but take time to reflect, says CBCP

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There is nothing wrong in going out-of-town during the Holy Week.
But the Catholic Church in the Philippines reminds Filipino faithful not to lose its sight on reflection, which can make vacation more solemn.
“There is nothing wrong in going on vacations and rest as long as the attitude we have is right. We need to relieve ourselves from the external pressures of our daily work,” Fr. Francis Lucas said.
“In this Holy Week, we need to go back to our provinces to go back and revisit our roots as a way for our coming back to God,” he noted.
He explains that relieving stress is a way of giving Catholics the time to study themselves, which will help them in strengthening their resolve to turn away from sinful ways.

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Lucas, head of CBCP Commission on Mass Media, even encouraged the Filipino working class to go on vacations with their family.
“Holy Week is a chance for us to come home with God by rebuilding our ties with our families and repair our relationships that have been broken,” Lucas said.
“This is the perfect time to make amends, to forgive and ask for forgiveness with our families because they are the most important things in this world that we live in,” he added.
He noted that bonding with the family during Holy Week offers an environment conducive to mending ties between parents and children, as well as with other relatives and friends.
Lucas clarified that improving relationship with other people takes believers back home to their values.
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But the Catholic Church official warned Filipinos against the stresses of getting too much vacation.
“It’s wrong to focus more on recreation during Holy Week because what usually happens is we are just jumping from one stress to another,” Lucas said.
“When you party or you drink, it’s an activity that adds you stress. When you get hangover so exuberant that you fail to mirror yourself,” he underscored.
“It shouldn’t be a case of either, or. Again, you have to isolate yourself to your family and together celebrate the passion and the death of Christ together with your family,” he added.
Lucas advised families to do activities that can renew spirituality like pabasa, attending services on Jesus’ Seven Last Words or hearing mass on Easter Sunday.
“The attitude is what’s more important than the rituals and the traditions. The tradition should complement your attitude,” he said.

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