Home away from home—for dogs

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These days, with more and more millennials becoming fur parents, a dog’s life is pretty sweet and extra. Even businesses agree to this because most establishments from malls to cafes have become pet-friendly.

Some entrepreneurs from the pet industry also stepped up their game, elevating the shopping, check-up and grooming experience for pets.

One of them is 24-year-old Shane Velasco—a proud “furmama” to seven-year-old Labrador Retriever, Koda; Pomeranians Primo, Bailey and Butter; and baby French Bulldog, Frankie—who recently opened a modern pet care, lifestyle brand and grooming boutique at 88th Avenue, Banilad, Cebu City.

The business—named after her first dog, Koda—started out as an online shop selling pet accessories. This included the brand’s very own, purely organic and non-toxic shampoo and cleanser line with a goal of offering modern design products for pets.

“They don’t only have to be durable, but they can be just as stylish as you are,” shared Shane.

The shampoo and cleanser lines are formulated by her here in Cebu with the help of some experts and manufactured in Korea. The organic shampoo is made with coconut extract and wild cherry bark while the cleanser is made with rosemary oil and lemongrass oil. As Shane explained, the cleanser labelled as “Clean Spray” is basically a sanitizer for dogs for squeaky clean paws.

The accessories which include toys, outfits and other essentials such as dog treats are carefully curated by Shane herself. She is also in the process of designing her own clothing line for dogs.

Shane’s obsession with her dogs led her to open a modern, chic and visually appealing place for furparents and dogs last February.

At Koda and Co., owners can watch their dogs being groomed by highly trained groomers and see what they use in the grooming area, or sit and chill at the lounge while waiting. Pet owners can also leave their dogs at Koda and Co.’s day care service if they have important things to attend to.

For its day care service, dogs will be placed in Koda and Co.’s small play area with ball pit, interactive toys which are brain-stimulating for dogs, and will be taken care of by its staff who also tutor the dogs. Kennels are also available if dogs want to take a nap.

Shane opened a safe and loving place for one’s four-legged family member, striving to be every dog’s home away from home. The idea came to her when she realized that some establishments and condominiums are not pet-friendly yet.

“What if I am a working professional and I have no one to leave my dog with? What would I do? What if something happens to him?”

To give solutions to those who are experiencing this kind of dilemma, Shane allows pet owners to leave their dogs at Koda and Co.

“At least if you leave them here, there are so many of us who know how to take care of the dog, and they can play with other dogs as well,” she explained.

Pet parents can also stay if they want to look after their beloved pooch playing with other dogs, and hang out with other pet parents at its little café which will serve food and drinks soon.

Shane aims to make taking care of and shopping for pets easier and more convenient.

Koda and Co. is open every day from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m.

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