‘Work-from-home’ bill one step away from becoming law

This is it.

The Telecommuting Act of 2017, aka the bill that will allow you to work from your couch in your pajamas, is officially only one step away from becoming law.

This was announced yesterday by the bill’s author Senator Joel Villanueva. According to his statement published on the Philippine Senate’s website, the House of Representatives and Senate ratified the reconciled version of the bill, more commonly known as the “Work-from-home Bill,” earlier this month.

Now, it just needs President Rodrigo Duterte’s signature before becoming law.

Under the bill, employers are encouraged to allow their employers to work remotely instead of commuting to the office.

While this will remain optional and will depend on an agreement set by the employee and employer, those who choose to work remotely must still receive equal compensation and benefits as those who work in an office.

The Department of Labor and Employment will be in charge of making sure employees that work remotely have the same amount of workload and access to training and career development opportunities as well as benefits like rest periods and holidays.

If implemented, it could also help ease traffic in the Philippines, as fewer people will be driving to work.

Traffic in the country has gotten especially bad, particularly in Metro Manila. According to a 2017 study by global firm Boston Consulting Group (BCG), Metro Manila has the third worst traffic in Southeast Asia. Today, it’s not uncommon for one to travel an 8-kilometer distance for 2 hours.

The couch may just be a better workstation than a desk.

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