Home for Girls celebrates 28th anniversary

HOME for Girls (HFG), a haven for young girls who have experienced abuse or exploitation, recently celebrated its 28th anniversary.

This year’s theme is “Care for the Earth Means Care for the Children,” which promotes love for the children as well as nature.

One of the highlights of the celebration was the use of recycled materials such as plastic bottles and caps, old newspapers and magazines, egg trays, empty old jars and straws in making their backdrops, decorations, invitations, tokens, plaques and giveaways.

Armed with imagination and lots of creativity, the staff, together with the HFG residents, was able to come up with the cheapest yet most meaningful celebration for the center. HFG is a center run by the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) 7.

As its contribution to making the society a better place to live in, HFG has been instilling the value of saving the environment, especially for the residents, by turning garbage into works of art.

Even before the celebration began, the HFG had been practicing “no plastic day” every Wednesday as part of its environment-saving activity.

Aside from ingenuity, staff and residents also showed their talents during the aerobic dance contest. The three groups that danced gracefully donned colorful costumes that were still made from recycled materials. The unique plaques of appreciation delighted the partner agencies that graced the event.

DSWD 7 Director Shalaine Marie Lucero congratulated HFG for reaching 28 years. She also thanked partner agencies for their expertise, resources, time and effort.

“Our collaboration can greatly contribute to the rehabilitation goals of the center,” Lucero said.

She also hoped that the residents would be happy and content and learn a lot during their stay in the center.

“Unta helpful among paningkamot (Hopefully, our endeavors will be helpful to you) to help us build a better nation,” Lucero said.