Homegrown healthcare BPO Qavalo celebrates 5th anniversary

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QAVALO, a Cebu-based outsourcing firm, has reached an exciting milestone as the company celebrates five years of delivering reliable and data-driven back office support solutions to the home health industry in the United States.

The fast-growing organization was established in 2016 by founder and chief executive officer Laurice Chiongbian, a communications expert from California and a strong advocate of women in entrepreneurship in the Philippines.

Laurice built Qavalo upon seeing the growing challenges in the home health landscape in the United States with the rapid globalization of healthcare through technology. This allowed her to create quality opportunities for the talent pool of qualified healthcare professionals in the Philippines.

It is a perfect synergy of supply and demand given the current situation in the US, where healthcare providers, specifically home health agencies, are challenged with delivering quality patient care in the face of a declining clinical labor force.

Reflecting on the company’s fifth anniversary, Laurice shared: “It’s with great pride to reach this milestone and to see our stakeholders living out our organizational vision—quality of life through quality healthcare, the business challenges of a global pandemic notwithstanding. Many of the team members whom we started out with are still with us five years later and thriving in so many aspects of their life, not just in their career. We’ve seen many get married and build homes for their families with the company, and that’s more fulfilling for me as a business owner than anything else. Our relationships with our clients are the strongest they have ever been. And we proudly serve the community by sharing our capabilities, both through knowledge transfer and financial support, bringing a holistic sense of purpose to our organization.”

Today, Qavalo has become the largest tech-enabled home health business process outsourcing in Asia and one of the most trusted employers in the industry, having been selected as part of the 11th Asia CEO Awards’ Circle of Excellence for the Executive Leadership Team of the Year 2020.

From their humble roots in a co-working space, they now occupy two sites within Cebu City, with a team of more than 100 licensed healthcare professionals.

Looking to the future, Qavalo is committed to innovation and expanding its suite of service offerings in response to industry demands and regulatory changes, and the evolving healthcare landscape.

“In the coming years, we expect that our ongoing projects in data science applications and augmented clinical technology will drive the future of Qavalo, if not the US home health industry as a whole,” said Laurice. (PR)

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