Honest hotel employee returns over $7,000

·1 min read

MORE than $7,000 in cash or over 300,000 in Philippine pesos was returned to a guest at a hotel in Cebu City a day after it was discovered by the room attendant on March 1, 2022.

In a Facebook post, Yello Hotel acknowledged its employee Apple Romero, the attendant who found the huge amount of money inside the pillowcase in one of the hotel rooms.

Romero was reportedly going about her daily work when she found the money.

“She could have been silent about it as no one was in the room with her,” read a portion of the hotel’s post.

However, the hotel management said Romero was guided by her strong moral compass and she did what she ought to do: return the money that was not hers.

“She brought this to the attention of her superiors to ensure safety and security. The day after, the money was returned to (the) thankful owner,” the hotel said.

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