Host Pinky Webb calmly flips her hair as Harry Roque loses temper during live interview

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Some people need to take a chill pill.

Presidential Spokesman Harry Roque became visibly annoyed during a television interview today with CNN Philippines host Pinky Webb when the latter asked if he was willing to denounce the government’s decision to terminate its 1989 agreement with the University of the Philippines (UP).

The drama started when Webb quoted a tweet written by UP journalism professor Danilo Arao, where the latter asked UP graduates who are working for the government to denounce the abrogation of the 1989 pact. The agreement stipulated that all military and police officers had to inform the UP administration beforehand before they could enter any of the university’s campuses.

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“This disregards everything that UP stands for. Should they remain silent, a six-word question: Where are your honor and excellence?” Arao said.

Webb asked Roque if he is answering Arao’s challenge, and the spokesman said he is “not duty-bound to say anything that Prof. Arao says,” and added that he even spent more time teaching at UP than the journalism professor.

After the commercial break, Roque brought up Arao’s tweet again, and what followed is nothing short of a meltdown on live TV. Coconuts transcribed the short exchange, one that prompted Webb to flip her hair in what we could surmise was out of sheer frustration.

Roque: “You are wrong. You are implying as if I had to follow what Danny Arao says. What is the basis for that?”

Webb: “It was a tweet Spox, but you said…”

Roque: “But you said I had to follow him and if I did not do as he did, then I have no honor or excellence. Is that a fair question? It’s not.”

Webb (chuckling): “No, I did not say that, Secretary Roque.”

Roque: “That’s what he said though. That’s what he said. And that’s why I’m calling you out for that.”

Webb: “Secretary Roque, just to be clear about this, it was a tweet that I read and I asked for your reaction if you would denounce it.”

Roque: “But it’s implying that I should follow what Danny Arao says. And where is the basis, tell your viewers now. Where is the basis that I should follow what Danny Arao says. It is not you asking for [a] reaction; you were pursuing. Will you denounce? See it’s not just a reaction. You wanted me to answer Danny Arao. Why should I? Is that fair?”

Webb: “OK. Then if you say why should you answer it, and if you answered it that way sir, then I would take it as is.”

Roque: “But you’re pushing the point. Going beyond asking for my reaction. Because ‘Will you denounce it?’ You said it on record. The TV recorded it. You have to be fair, no?”

Webb (flips hair): “I am trying to be fair.”

The exchange has spawned almost 6,000 tweets mentioning the words “Pinky Webb” as of this afternoon, and almost the same number for “Harry Roque.” Many online took Webb’s side, such as @nnamdosan, who wrote, “Is it just me or Pinky Webb just never gets old? Her glow goes beyond her wit and professionalism. Unlike Roque who clearly throws a tantrum the whole interview.”

“That hair flip will forever be iconic,” he added.

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