Hostess Unveils New Halloween Treats With 'S'cream Filling'

Hanna Flanagan

Hostess Halloween is here.

The snack brand has released two new limited-edition spooky seasonal treats: chocolate cake Twinkies, and orange-colored Glo Balls (a play on their classic Sno Balls).

First spotted by Instagram account @junkpickers, the chocolate-flavored Twinkies feature the same cream cake filling you already know and love but now with a festive new name, “s’cream filling.” The orange Glo Balls are a combination of coconut, marshmallow and chocolatey goodness.

Both products feature Halloween-themed packaging with all of the essential graphics — including a full-moon, flying bats and dead tree branches — and are available at Wegmans Food Markets across the country, according to the foodie account.

Junk Pickers/Instagram

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From white to green and purple, Hostess has released several limited-edition colors of their signature pink Sno Balls over the years. But the chocolate-flavored Twinkies, which first went on the market in 2017 but have not made a return in recent years, have becoming a junk food novelty.

Hostess also re-vamped their iconic chocolate cupcakes. The “Scary Cakes with S’cream Filling” are festively decorated with brown and orange-colored frosting and have a cream-filled inside, according to Delish. The limited edition Hostess treats are available now, with prices reportedly ranging from $1.99-$3.99.

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In more cheerful news, Hostess got in on the rainbow unicorn food craze this week with the release of their Unicorn Cupcakes, available exclusively at Walmart. The treats are a yellow cake base studded with pink and purple sprinkles, and topped with a vibrant teal icing. The iconic loops up top are pink in this version, and they’re filled with the classic creme of the original.