Hotels that allow parties may lose permit

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HOTELS may face revocation of business permits should they be found allowing parties in the hotel rooms.

Cebu City Mayor Edgardo Labella, in an interview on Jan. 10, 2021, said that to prevent incidents like what happened to flight attendant Christine Dacera who was found dead in her hotel room in Makati on Jan. 1, 2021, parties in hotel rooms should not be allowed.

Labella said this is also to prevent any gatherings that may cause Covid-19 transmission.

Labella said hotels should be monitoring the rooms to ensure only the allowed occupants are staying inside.

Should the occupants have guests, the guests are not allowed to stay beyond 8 p.m.

Labella said parties should only be done in the function halls of the hotels and only 50 percent of the total capacity should be allowed.

Labella will release an executive order mandating the hotel industry to prohibit parties in the hotel rooms and only allow a number of persons depending on room’s capacity.

Labella also found out that most of the new cases in the city got the infection from private gatherings.

Based on the trend of the source of infection in the city, 18.71 percent of the total cases in the city got the infection from social gatherings.

The workplace transmission got the same percentage at 18.71 percent, while 19.88 percent involved medical frontliners.

The outside transmission, in total, is 67.85 percent, while household transmission is 31.74 percent.

The cases in Cebu City also continue to rise with 311 active Covid-19 cases as of Jan. 9.

The total number of cases reached 11,089 with 10,085 of them recovered while 693 died.

Cebu City has 8.57 percent positivity rate out of 129,272 individuals tested. This means, 11,078 had tested positive (JJL)