David Beckham, Barack Obama and Gordon Ramsay top hottest celebrity dads list

David Beckham, Barack Obama and Gordon Ramsay all made the list. (Getty Images)

David Beckham, Barack Obama and, er, Gordon Ramsay have been voted the world’s hottest celebrity dads.

Fathers Day is almost upon us, and to mark the occasion, OnBuy's Men's Fashion Department surveyed 4,210 people to find out the celebrity dads who have still got it.

While there’s no real surprise that Tom Hardy topped the list, with 24% voting for him as the most attractive celeb dad, there are a few more interesting choices further down the leader board.

With his on-screen role as Thor and real life role as a doting dad, Chris Hemsworth, was a worthy winner of second spot.

The father of four captured the hearts of 21% of respondents, but having been voted People’s Sexiest Man Alive in 2014 it’s no surprise he’s near the top of the hot dad list too.

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Tom Hardy topped the list. (Getty Images)

Next up is Idris Elba, a more recent winner of sexiest man alive in 2018 likely thanks to his role as rogue-ish yet loveable cop Luther in the TV drama of the same name.

With his chiselled features and roles in X-men and hairspray, it seems James Marsden is a dad we’d all like to bump into at the school gate, so much so that he bagged himself fourth spot, ahead of our very own David Beckham.

While Becks may not have topped the list, it seems he’s still garnering quite a bit of interest sexually with OnBuy reporting that there have been an average of 1,200 Google searches for 'David Beckham dildo' per month. Oo er!

The full list of hot dads. (OnBuy.com)

Meanwhile, dad IRL to two girls, and dad of three in everyone’s favourite family show Modern Family, Ty Burrell placed sixth on the list with 6% of the votes.

He may no longer be President, but it seems Barack Obama is still making hearts flutter, scooping 7th place in the hot list with 5% of the votes.

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Idris Elba came in in third place. (Getty Images)

Will Smith takes the funny vote, landed 9th spot in the most attractive dad list. But it seems it’s not only his humour fans are interested in with OnBuy reporting 3,500 monthly Google searches for his body.

And though he only got 1% of the votes, Gordon Ramsay sneaked onto the list, suggesting a fair few of us would be happy to be called an idiot sandwich by the TV chef.

Treat em mean, keep em keen and all that.